Friday, March 18, 2016

The spring issue (#186) of lit journal "Crack The Spine" is out!

I'm proud to be one of the contributors included in issue #186.

My poem, "Afternoon Date," sprang from the composite memories of what it was like to date while in my twenties. I pretty much always hated the construct of dating -- of behaving in ways that were not natural in order to "get to know" a romantic interest -- the act of dressing up, going out, talking "small talk," and generally being unnatural seemed to me to be the opposite of an actual, valid form of interpersonal connection. It always felt absurd to me. Looking back at those painful attempts to create something real out of a cultural tradition that is completely false in nature, led to a good laugh and, hopefully, a good poem.

"Afternoon Date" was published in the March issue of the literary journal "Crack The Spine." There are also short stories and art. Check it out!