Tuesday, November 9, 2010

'The Art of Full Indiscipline'

'The Art of Full Indiscipline'

This article I've linked to, in its entirety, is very inspiring. Of course, Dr. Mukherjee's underlying creative expression is researching cancer and what might cause it and, therefore, keep it at bay. But still, how he wrote his book, using cancer as a kind of character in his weave of stories, is very inspiring as well. I found his "art of full indiscipline" quite illuminating as a way to write.

Not everyone is able to set aside specific hours per day to write (or pursue any other creative endeavor, for that matter) but can commit to focusing some time toward that creative pursuit every day, no matter how seemingly small that time is. I'm a firm believer in this as a basic philosophy: the way we get to the top of the mountain? Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. And never stop. Until you're at the top of the mountain. Enjoying the view. Then you can scope out a higher mountain. If you want.

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