Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Off Lows, Weakness Remains: Meditation #3 by Susan Briante

Off Lows, Weakness Remains: 
Meditation #3
by Susan Briante

In the PartyStore/PierOne/Target/Kohls parking lot
find a desert willow among the shopping carts,

walk around it sunwise repeating:

        I am the avant-garde, I am the avant-garde, I am 
           the avant-garde


        DIY, DIY, DIY

Imagine a chart of median family incomes as big as
   the parking lot--
use it to determine where to abandon your car.

        I default, I default, I default

Your mind is a blood blister rising on your thumb,
   a ladybug.
Among these shopping carts, you fortress. Among
   plastic bags you affirm:

Lo! the light from desert trees does not speak in
   numbers, costs us nothing.
Here, as in a butterfly garden, everyone crawls
   before flight.

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