Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beautiful spring day

Today was one of those days that makes you smile even though all you're doing is errands and various chores. The sun played hide-and-seek all day, using Vanilla Sky clouds to disappear behind then ease on out to caress its warmth against your skin. Cool breezes became crisp and sharp with the smell of rain climbing its way over the Cascades. A little patter of rain - just enough to sweeten the fragrance of the grass and manzanita - then gone with a whisper. The silk-blue sky shared equal space with cumulus clouds and the robins were doing what they're most famous for - bob-bob-bobbing along. We saw our first two Bend quail today. We had many dozens of quail in our yard in Nevada but this was the first time we'd spotted them here. They're a little slimmer here, we noticed. The robins chased them out of the back yard and quickly got busy again with their very well-known bobbing. David and I took our now-customary walk after dinner under a passing "sun-rain" - syncopated, hesitant droplets too shy to be called a shower. Now, the quiet of evening with its subtle shift of colors, slowly washing into grays. Yep. It was a lovely day.

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