Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Still getting settled into our new home

It takes time to re-establish yourself in a new community. My husband, David, and I moved to Bend, Oregon, last month and we're still getting "settled." We've lived in a lot of places from California to Alaska to Washington to Minnesota to Hawaii to Nevada and, now, here in Oregon. We love the trees, the Cascades, the Deschutes and other rivers and creeks all so close. And the town of Bend is a wonderful blend of hep with friendly - a lot of art support is very apparent. Everywhere you go, you'll see very creative sculpture - on street corners, in the middle of the roundabouts, etc.

Deer regularly visit our back yard and enjoy the fresh spring grass. One usually stands sentry while the rest casually dine. They're easygoing about our presence and don't mind us watching them from the back deck. That's a joy we haven't had in many a year. Swallows hang out in the trees out back, so we get to watch their cream and gray flits from tree to tree throughout the day.

Mornings are especially nice. David and I have been waking up earlier than what became usual in Nevada. We feel excited about getting into the new day. "What will it bring?" "Let's get started and find out."

But, now that we've made the plunge to move here, we're trying to get a true feel for the waters and how to swim them. We've learned that every community is different. A lot of those differences are subtle but significant and only time and getting know the locals can reveal how to navigate the new land.

So, I'm writing now to clarify thought on our progress. More to myself, I think, than anything else. I've decided to treat this blog a little more like a diary of sorts. Just talk about my experiences, feelings, thoughts and so on. Don't know if anyone is reading but this is, at the very least, a chance to get my thoughts out. We'll see how it all progresses. The saga of changes. Life. Until next time...

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